Great Dixter -Sneeboer - Sneeboer

The Great Dixter, located in East Sussex, England, was the home of the late Christopher Lloyd, a renowned gardening writer. The Great Dixter tools made by Sneeboer are based on the ideas and experiences of Great Dixter’s head gardener Fergus Garrett, and are internationally a huge success. Within one year, garden lovers from more than 20 countries worldwide discovered the value of this exclusive range. Sneeboer is proud to have realized this success together with Great Dixter and supporting English heritage and culture.

Perry Rodriguez, Business Manager from Great Dixter – “It is a year now since the launch of the Great Dixter range of tools we designed for Sneeboer to manufacture. We are delighted with the response by our customers and they are in much demand through our online shop and when visiting the gardens. It is a great thing to know what you want from a garden tool and have Sneeboer make it. This makes our job here at Great Dixter easier and more satisfying and should do the same for our customers in their own gardens.”


Great Dixter -Sneeboer - Sneeboer

Sneeboer USA carries the following Great Dixter tools: 

Great Dixter/Christopher Lloyd Trowel ash handle -4018

Great Dixter/Christopher Lloyd Trowel cherry handle -4518