Greenhouse Tool Set

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-Greenhouse Cultivator
Article #: 40088-140249
Total length: 11.30″
Greenhouse Aerator
Article #: 40086-140249
Total length: 8.60″
-Greenhouse Weeding Fork
Article #: 40088-140249
Total length: 11.30″
-Greenhouse Trowel
Article #: 40087
Total length: 7″

In stock

Product Description

Not every job needs a tractor when a spade will do.  And every pot doesn’t need a spade when a trowel will do.  The Greenhouse tool set is perfect for planting and maintaining your indoor plants and small patio containers.  Delicate work requires just the right tool.  When purchasing the Greenhouse Tool Set you also receive a Sneeboer bag to store the tools when not in use.  Keep the dirt in the bag, not in your kitchen.
Cherry wood handles

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Weight 4 lbs