Sneeboer’s Top Tools

“ So then, what is your favourite flower?”  or “You’ve visited gardens all over the world, which is your favourite?”  Two questions I am often asked and which are almost impossible to answer because it depends on the time of year and my mood and every garden has its own character.  But if I were pushed….answers are at the end of the article.
And it is similarly difficult to give a single answer to the question “Your favourite garden tool is?”  But since I am asking and answering the question I am going to cheat and ask in the plural because that is a much easier question to answer.

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How it’s made

Watch how Sneeboer hammers, welds, and shapes each and every tool for the highest, Dutch quality.

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About – The Great Dixter

The Great Dixter, located in East Sussex, England, was the home of the late Christopher Lloyd, a renowned gardening writer. The Great Dixter tools made by Sneeboer are based on the ideas and experiences of Great Dixter’s head gardener Fergus Garrett, and are internationally a huge success. Within one year, …

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